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Problematic alcohol and drug use takes a huge emotional and financial toll on individuals, families and the wider community. This appeal will help us refurbish our new treatment centre and will save peoples lives like Niki pictured above. ''DHI turned my life around and made me realise how great life can be. I will be eternally grateful for everything they did for me in that early part of my recovery'.

How the funding will be spent
Our fundraising appeal will pay for part refurbishment of our new treatment centre in St James's Parade and buy life saving equipment. The total cost of refurbishing the treatment centre is £430K. Public Health England have generously funded £250K towards the costs. We need your help to raise £180K needed to complete the refurbishment and create an environment that we can meet the needs of the most vulnerable in Bath. This centre will open its doors to the public in Autumn 2020.

How this will benefit the community
The new treatment hub will allow DHI to help 40% more people turn their lives around in Bath. Having one location where people with multiple needs can have their needs addressed under one roof is essential. The fundraising appeal will allow DHI to buy vital lifesaving equipment allowing for early detection of liver damage thereby helping more clients understand any damage their lifestyle is causing and supporting work with them to make necessary changes.


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What your gift could provide


Pays for an hour's life skills course.


Pays for an overdose reversal kit.


Pays for 10 people to use our lifesaving equipment.

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