Support the Grenfell Tower Appeal

Can you help us raise £100,000 for the Grenfell Tower Appeal? 

While the full extent of the loss and devastation caused by the Grenfell Tower blaze is still unclear, one thing is certain - this is one of the greatest tragedies to hit London in recent years.

Here at the Localgiving Foundation we’ve been moved by the phenomenal response of the public and inspired by the spirit of such a tight-knit community. Watching as people rally together to provide food, shelter, moral support has galvanised us to to get involved and do what we can to aid those affected.

Our funds will both support those in urgent need, as well as helping those working on the longer term impacts of the fire.

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Our Small Charity Week Match Fund is now over!

Thank you all for making our Small Charity Week Match Fund such a huge success.

On the day 619 Localgiving groups raised over £155,000 from 3,450 supporters, including £25,000 in match funding. 

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We depend on a steady stream of smaller donations via Localgiving. These donations alone give us the assured income to meet our operational costs. Matched funding, sponsored by both Localgiving and the Community Foundation have further bolstered our funds to allow us to undertake capital improvements to the Shed.

Peter Gallagher, Men In Sheds - Milton Keynes