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Each year, Local Hero highlights the incredible ideas and feats of local charity fundraisers.

The campaign will run between 1st and 30th of April. All participating fundraisers will be ranked on the Local Hero leaderboard according to the number of unique online donors who sponsor their page.  

At the end of the campaign £5,000 in prizes will be distributed among the causes supported by the top 20 fundraisers with £1,000 awarded to the winner’s group.

Check out our live Local Hero 2018 leaderboard here or find out how you can get involved here.  

  • The STAR Centre

    The STAR Centre is the main support agency in Rossendale for Domestic Abuse.  We are a registered charity, established in 1996. We provide a support service to women and their families who are experie...

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  • Manor Gardens Welfare Trust

    Manor Gardens is a health and wellbeing charity based in Finsbury Park, relieving needs arising from sickness, disability and old age, promoting mental and physical good health and increasing social i...

    Find out more
  • Here NI

    We work to build the capacity of lesbian and bisexual women and their families. As one of the most invisible groups in NI society lesbian and bisexual women are often left out of the equation. We work...

    Find out more

            To Coin a Phrase: Zero Cost Giving

To Coin a Phrase: Zero Cost Giving

16 Apr 2018

These days there are growing ways to give to charity that needn’t involve sticking your hand in your pocket. Look at it another way: there’s growing number of opportunities for charities to galvanise their supporters and raise cash without actually having to ask individuals for any more ...

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            Refugees:  Misunderstood and Neglected

Refugees: Misunderstood and Neglected

16 Apr 2018

Lamyaa Hanchaoui is taking part in this year's Local Hero campaign, raising funds for Sufra NW London. To donate to Lamyaa follow this Link. Everyone who donates will recieve a link to Lamyaa's spoken word poetry.  As the Syrian conflict reaches its eighth year, so has the ...

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            5 tips to avoid having your Google Grants account deactivated

5 tips to avoid having your Google Grants account deactivated

04 Apr 2018

The Google Grants programme is an incredible free resource for charities. Many charities use the free advertising spend (which equates to around £85,000 per year) to drive website traffic, help raise awareness of their organisations and also to reach new audiences online. However several ...

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We depend on a steady stream of smaller donations via Localgiving. These donations alone give us the assured income to meet our operational costs. Matched funding, sponsored by both Localgiving and the Community Foundation have further bolstered our funds to allow us to undertake capital improvements to the Shed.

Peter Gallagher, Men In Sheds - Milton Keynes