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On the 14th of August, people from across Bristol will take part in a sponsored walk to raise money for Bristol City of Sanctuary's Transport Fund. The fund has been set up to provide free bus tickets to people seeking sanctuary, focusing on people who are destitute and those considered most vulnerable in the city. 

People seeking sanctuary in Bristol are given very little money to survive on, if anything at all. This means that many cannot afford bus tickets, and so struggle to access medical appointments and support services. Not only this, but being unable to travel around the city means people become more isolated, especially as more people are dispersed on the outskirts of Bristol. The Sanctuary Transport Fund recognises this need and, with the generous match-funding of First Bus, provides £600 worth of bus tickets to people each month. 

The walk will be around those places in Bristol that are particularly associated with slavery and the slave trade, upon which so much of Bristol's wealth has been built. There will be short reflections at several of the sites.

These tickets are a vital lifeline for many, and a way to make a real difference to the day-to-day lives of those seeking sanctuary. Please consider donating to Walking for Sanctuary and stand in solidarity with people seeking sanctuary in our city. Together we can build a city of welcome, safety and hope.



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