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The fundamental aim of establishing the Spectrum WASP group within our local community is to support and develop the skills of our children & young people in order to improve their quality of life and help them gain acceptance into today's demanding society. We also provide support for parents and carers through a comprehensive training programme which supports them in caring for their children who frequently demonstrate challenging and derogatory behaviour. We also support siblings.

Why the community needs us
Spectrum WASP is one of the most popular and well respected groups in Nottinghamshire with it's outstanding reputation for supporting children and young people, their siblings, parents and carers. We are referred to through consultants at Kings Mill and Nottingham City hospitals. Social workers and local GP's also refer children to this group. Working in partnership with adult learning colleges, children's centres and other providers we have been able to provide workshops and training.

Our impact on the community
Over the last 11 years we have supported more than 450 children, young people and siblings within our group and our numbers are constantly growing. Our family programme of activities, workshops, training and life skills programme ensures that we develop the very bet opportunities for our children's futures. An example of our activities and life skills programme include swimming, wall climbing, sailing, arts and crafts, horse riding, cookery, gardening, banking, transport and many more skills.

What your gift could provide


2 hours for a tutor providing creative arts & crafts for all ages


Priviate pool hire for a family swim session, incorporating lifeskills


Music therapy tutored guitar group session for 8 to 16 year olds

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