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COVID-19 Restrictions
With the current restrictions in place I've not been able to go to the gym and I've been guilty of comfort eating. There's a saying that food is the most abused anxiety drug and exercise is the most underutilised anti-depressant! I can certainly relate to this in the current situation. So I decided I need a physical challenge, I've just completed the 30 day water challenge which was great (give it a try!). Obviously with the restrictions in place my options were limited but I've managed to source a Concept2 SkiErg, a machine I'm familiar with due to my CrossFit background. You've probably never heard of it! Basically it simulates Cross-country/Nordic Skiing.

Background - Who were the "Heroes of Telemark"?
In February 1943, a team of SOE-trained Norwegian commandos destroyed the Heavy Water  production facility inside the Vemork power station in Telemark , Operation Gunnerside. After the attack five of the team escaped to Sweden, They took a trip of 248.55 miles through inhospitable country. They were forced to spend several nights in the open in wet sleeping bags and were faced with shortage of food and bad snow conditions, making skiing difficult. Nonetheless, they reached Sweden after 18 days.
Ray Meers produced an excellent documentary entitled "The Real Heroes of Telemark" if you'd like to learn more about the raid.

In homage to these Heroes I'll be attempting to "SkiErg" 250 miles in 18 days, starting on 21/04/2020

I know times are hard at the moment but I'm going to try to raise some funds for Lads Need Dads CIC, who I am a mentor for.
Lads Need Dads CIC is an award winning Not-For-Profit Community Interest Company, set up to prevent potential problems and address existing ones where boys are missing a father-figure in their lives.They provide:

  • A male-led group Mentoring Programme
  • Bush-craft survival training and outdoor activities 
  • On-going support and life-skills training
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Leadership and Peer mentoring

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Lorraine Coleman
14 May, 2020

Well done Pete

Richard Woodfield
08 May, 2020

Well done to you Pete !

David Harrison
08 May, 2020

Keep going Pete, nearly there 💪

Update from Peter

I completed the 400km in 18 days, finishing on V.E. Day! I’ve decided to ski on whilst the country remains in lockdown. Next stop the South Pole! 8th June over 700km completed!

(Update posted on June 8, 2020 20:21)
Mick Palfrey      Top Donor     
21 Apr, 2020

Good luck Pete. I look forward to tracking your progress.

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Peter is fundraising for Lads Need Dads CIC

Male-led group mentoring, bushcraft survival, practical lifeskill training for boys age 11-15 years.
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About Homage to the real Heroes of Telemark

SkiErg 250miles (400,000m) in 18 days in homage to the “Heroes of Telemark” Raising funds for Lads Need Dads CIC.


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