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Life is about challenges. Some people are struggling for shelter, other for food, and other even for life.

Every individual has his own parameter for struggling and own battles to win. AY Group understands this fact & trying to help professionally challenged & disadvantaged people to survive & establish themselves in long run.

Our Mission is to
• build exceptional talent to meet the skills needs of ethical employers.
• place young disaffected people at the heart of our service offer.
• positively influence the raising of standards of recruitment services in the locality, through efficient and effective processes, listening to and caring for the needs of clients and candidates and promoting openness and visibility in all business dealings.

To achieve this mission, we have organised free community event at Trussler Hall, 78 Grundy St, Poplar, London E14 6AE on 22nd of July 2017 from 2pm-7pm, offering information and advice about employment, all while celebrating AY’s past successes. This event is aimed at Tower Hamlets residents, as they are one of the racially diverse area with the second highest unemployment rates in London. The goal is to bring the community together.

To achieve our goal, we need your support. Together we can improve the lives of the more disadvantage young people to find work, develop their self- esteem and confidence as well as make positive contributions. Acknowledging Youths CIC will be pleased to acknowledge your contribution.

Every day, your support creates success stories which seem to be an impossible thing some day.

Lets get started !