Bala 2 Belvoir B2B, for The Tomorrow Project

A fundraising project by Una Lacey

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The Tomorrow Project is a project of Harmless and this is a link to their page -

On the Wednesday 19th September a group of wonderful people will embark on a F4F Event - Bala 2 Belvoir or B2B, setting on from East Leake and heading to the Welsh Hill.

This is the itinerary...

Thursday 20th September 3 or 5k swim in Lake Bala followed by 60 hilly bike miles to Wilderhope

Friday 21st September 90 bike miles back to East Leake

12:00pm Saturday 22nd - 12pm Sunday 23rd the team will then reassemble at Belvoir Castle and take on the Equinox. 10k loops over 24hrs.

Why? Because as a group we want to raise awareness for The Tomorrow Project - who provide crisis services in the community to people at risk of suicide and support to families and communities who are bereaved by suicide.