Buzzcut - it's done!

A fundraising project by Rosemary Flexney

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I didn't change my mind at the last minute and so I now sport a 'buzzcut'. You can reward my determination with a donation to my favourite charity - this page is open until 30 June, so plenty of time....

I have been involved with an amazing charity, Sports Driving Unlimited, for 11 years. SDU provides disabled people and their families with exciting activities with ponies and carriages. Lots of people have wonderful experiences and memories as a result of the terrific trainers, incredible ponies and enthusiastic volunteers.
Each year I try to raise money for SDU with a sponsored challenge, this year I decided on something different. I am too old for ‘Tough Mudder’ and too late for a marathon (no time to train!) so I have opted for a buzz cut.

I’d like you to sponsor me and raise £600