Sober January for young people first!

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I will be going sober for a month. While it doesn't sound hard to some I know this will challenge me as I like a glass of something after a long day or a uni essay (I've two big assessments in January!) So it's going to test me. I probably drink more than i should?! Not only is this for my health and to see if I can, but I'd like to raise some money for a local young people's charity, Young People First -formerly WAYC. These guys do such valuable work in our community to support young people who are struggling with a variety of issues. theyve also welcomed me as their CBT therapist for the last year and I've seen first hand the change that this charity makes to young lives, and the tireless commitment of it's youth workers.
Please help me to help them to continue this amazing work by donating to the charity via myself and this page. I know lots of sponsorship things happen this time of year, so id appreciate anyone just giving what you can, be it a quid or a fiver.'s the thing..if I fail at any point in the month ..I will personally double the amount of donations I have received!! So the more you donate the more risk there is if I get tempted to have a sneaky jd or gin!