Support our campaign to raise lots of money for Cruse Oxfordshire!

Gwen (an Oxford born, Student Mental Health Nurse in Bristol) and I were the 'Gwenella' Team at Blenheim Triathlon on Saturday 4th June, 2016. Previously I have been the team cyclist, this year Gwen swam 750 metres (water 14.2 C), I cycled 20k and ran 5k to support Cruse Oxfordshire. Gwen's time was fantastic, mine could be described as 'steady', although I did come first in my category of 1!

A special thank you to those of you have already given very generously, we have exceeded the target by 112%!

If you have not given as yet, the site is still open, its not too late, every pound in used well, thank you in anticipation.

For this who don't know Cruse Oxfordshire:

Last year Cruse Oxfordshire had contact with > 900 and saw around 300 people, volunteers gave over 13,201 free hours of their time. This was was not near enough. People still wait to have contact; people who have been bereaved and want to talk say 'waiting is very hard when you need to talk now..' Cruse needs money to recruit train and support more volunteers. It needs your money to help them do that.