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Hi there,
This unique and wonderful charity, has helped many people, who are vulnerable in need of support and they genuinely get people back on there feet. Although I haven't personally been in a desperate situation where I have had to lose my home, or relied on substances or felt lonely or scared around poverty, I know this can happen to any one of us.
Years ago I worked on cruise liners and we had to stay at the WMCA in Watford. Whilst doing our training at the academy before we embarked onto our ships, which for myself was for three weeks. We all got to know the guys who lived there, and nearly every story was how their marriage broke down and they became homeless. The guys were great, and I started doing palm readings for them, even though I didn't know how to! The next time I went back, they all started getting very excited about the evidence that came through from their readings.
I'm a working spiritualist medium, that I have been developing through the years, and I want to share my mediumship in helping with you caring people to help raise money for the DHI.
There is one special need and that is funds to buy Burlington House. It's where the DHI help people to get their health and indepedance back.
Please can you help? Every little bit helps! I will be doing demonstrations of mediumship with liked minded friends and doing raffles readings for this worthy cause.
Thank you for your kindness.
Debs Tye-Duck