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Here we go again raising funds for Yeleni Therapy & Support Centre. So here's the deal I am intending to grow my hair for a year up to June 2018. I have already started and it is already driving me MAAAADDDD as I hate having long hair!!!. So then in June I am going to dye it several BRIGHT colours until Nozstock 2018. Then to finish off at Nozstock I am going to have my head shaved completely bald. I will be posting photos throughout my transformation and it would be great to get as many sponsors as possible from now until the end. Join in when you feel inspired to. Thanks in advance for your support Grandad Frog. : ) Now we are on to phase 2.The rainbow hair,3 hours sitting in the ladies hairdresser being washed -bleached and rainbow dyed. The lovely lady who did this had not done multiple dyes before,. before and giggled all the way through taking photo's to send to Nicky.Next phase --the head shave is happening at Tribal Sphere outdoors August 3rd to the the welsh hills.
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Dennis Ball      Top Donor     
08 Aug, 2018
Soz I missed donating over the weekend Peter ... as well as not filming it live ;) xxx
Tracy Bee
01 Jul, 2018
Best wishes in your fundrausing 🎉
Kevin Haworth
22 Dec, 2017
All the best Pete xx
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