Gunalini's Skydive Challenge 2018

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Hi everyone! This is Gunalini (Lini), I’m raising money for a local youth charity called Young People First! They do work for young people by supporting them in various different ways To help them I am taking part in their skydiving weekend next March. Please support this worthy cause by sponsoring me. Many thanks Gunalini xxx
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Pauline Kimber
23 Mar, 2018
Well done, keep up your good work. Pauline
Themali Dasanayake
25 Oct, 2017
Good luck !!
Steve Campsall
22 Oct, 2017
Best of luck Lini.
Gunalini's fundraising stats
Online donations: £387.50
Match funding: £65.00
Raised offline: £0.00
Gift Aid: £55.00
Total raised: £507.50
Gunalini is fundraising for Young People First

Supporting the most vulnerable young people to overcome personal barriers so they can succeed
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