Jamie will not drink a drop of alcohol until 2018

A fundraising project by Jamie Neville

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My name is Jamie and I like beer quite a lot. Summer is coming and invariably there is beer. But this summer, I shall not be partaking in a beer. In fact, I will not drink a drop of alcohol until the year 2018.

There are many reasons that I've decided to do this challenge but the main one is that it seems a good opportunity to raise some money for a charity that is very close to my heart.

Visyon helps to support the mental health of children and young people aged 4-25 years across Cheshire and North Staffordshire.

I was involved in Visyon as a teenager when I was a service user, I volunteered with them a few years back helping to run an LGBT youth group, and now I am privileged to work for the charity that has been such a massive part of my life.

Visyon's existence has been integral to my own journey towards better mental health. Visyon gave me the confidence to play music when I was 16, organise an LGBT pride float as part of Congleton Carnival in 2014 and every day I go to work and learn a new thing about how to look after myself a little bit better.

And if I'm totally honest, beer does not help in this journey. Beer and Visyon are natural antagonists in my life, and I'm on Visyon's side.

So bung us a couple of quid to keep me on track with my challenge through the art of peer pressure whilst helping to support this life-changing charity.

If you want to find out any more information about Visyon you can check out their website at www.visyon.org.uk and if anyone you know could benefit from their support, you can make a referral online or by calling 01260 290000.

Thanks very much!