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Why am I running? Let's be honest I'm running for me and my health and fitness. I decided 2016 was the year I’d get back into running. I was going to train for a 5k, something I'd done quite a few years ago, a local 10k in September then enter the 2017 Cambridge Half Marathon. It got to September and I hadn't done much, certainly not 5k let alone being ready for 10k. In October, half marathon applications opened and rather than admitting defeat I realised I had just enough time to train so I entered. In early December I ran a 5k park run. On 21st January I ran 8k, the farthest I've ever ran. The thing is, every week from now until I've completed the half marathon I need to run farther than ever before. I'd be ready to run 10k now but it's onwards 21.1km (13.1 miles). By entering this event I have to train, and run (well jog), no matter the weather or how I’m feeling. So please help me keep going by donating to a great cause! Who am I fundraising for? Over the last 3 years I've worked part time doing arts admin for Cambridge charity Rowan (as well as completing an MA, working for the NHS counselling in evenings and raising small children!). Rowan is a lovely arts centre where learning disabled people work with artists to produce amazing work for themselves, for exhibition, sale and for commission. The students are brilliant and unique people and a pleasure to work with. Rowan subsidises every student place through fundraising and that's where all the money I raise will go, supporting the day-to-day work and all the great things that happen there. The confidence, self esteem, choice and creative outlet that Rowan provides for its students is made possible through people’s generosity. If getting me out running wasn't enough incentive to donate then I hope supporting Rowan will be. Check out Rowan and their fab artwork at or follow @RowanCambridge on twitter, RowanCambridge on Facebook and Instagram

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Hannah Roberts
10 Mar, 2017

Oops! Kept forgetting to do this! Well done, you did a great job! Hx

Martin Brock
08 Mar, 2017

Francesca Croney
06 Mar, 2017

Well done Kirstin! I'm in awe of you xx

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