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I began making a 'small change' to the way I think the other day. It has led to action, which will lead to my vision becoming a reality. We have brought a house. It is exciting and fills us both with warmth and joy. The joy of building a family home filled with love. It is a very special time. I have also just began speaking with a local homeless man. I have met Joe on several occasions as I walk through town in the early hours to get the 5.44am train to London. Cold and slightly disgruntled at having to make such an early start, I have been surprised on more than one occasion by this man who keeps saying hello to me. He is so polite. I sit on my train thinking about him. 'How could he be so polite? He has nothing. I have a house. What have I got to be pissed off about? I should be grateful that I even have a house. One day I am going to find that man and take him for a cup of tea.' And that is what happened. It transpires that this man is called Joe. We sat in a local coffee shop with a bacon roll and cup of tea. Wichita Lineman playing in the background. We've just made a theatre show about one man's struggle with the 'Black Dog' of depression. This man, the man in our play is called Joe. At one point in our play Joe sings Wichita Lineman. Coincidence? I think that sometimes life just shows you the way… Joe, (my new friend) has his mental health set at full stretch. His reality is survival. The process to helping him isn’t as simple as giving him money as I've found out by making enquiries with local homeless charities. It is about giving him time and space so that he can begin to make small changes for himself. So.. I'm running across The Kalahari Desert to raise money to help local homeless people. I've been told that I can monitor the money and ultimately decide as to the distribution of it. I'm also going to deliver some confidence building workshops, free of charge of course! The workshops will be called 'Small Change?' Have you got any?

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Michelle Ward
03 Dec, 2018

Well done on your achievements! Better late than never! The Wardys send our love (:

Clare Lambert
01 Nov, 2018

Well done my lovely. Was thinking of you. Love Clare xx

John Wyke
01 Nov, 2018

amazing achievement and great cause. well done. Keep up the good work. JW

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Mark is fundraising for Ipswich Housing Action Group (IHAG)

IHAG is the key to an independent future for single homeless people
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