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The Redway School is a wonderful place providing care and learning for children with educational needs. The children are wide ranging in additional needs, and with additional needs comes the requirement for additional equipment. This costs. My daughter attends this school. I see the brilliant work they do. I also see the desperate need for funding to buy equipment to help expand the scope of help they can give. Inspired by some friends undertaking 17 in 17 and pondering my 50th in 2018, thought I would do my bit to fundraise and set a personal challenge too. So what to do... I intend to run the equivalent of the length of the Red Sea for Redway, before I reach 50. That is 1398 miles before Oct 18. About 20 miles a week. Bear in mind that prior to January this year I hadn't run, or done any excercise, for about 15 years, this is going to be tough. Still no pain no gain. Some of the miles will be on the treadmill, some on the road. Some in private, some on formal runs etc I will keep the updates and blogs going on the Facebook page of the same name, @redsea4redway This local giving site is a great way to give, or offline donations can be given and I will ensure they are included and passed on. All donations and sponsorship greatly received, every penny goes straight to the school. Thank you for looking. thank you for your support. Love life. Love Redway. Share the joy. Give. Wx
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Wayne Preston
16 Nov, 2018
Thank you very much Uncle George xxx
Yasmeen Rabindranath
28 Oct, 2018
Well done on making it to the end!! What an achievement- incredibly inspiring!
Yasmeen Rabindranath
28 Oct, 2018
From the cake 'sale'
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Wayne is fundraising for Friends of The Redway School

An extra special school that provides for students with severe and complex learning difficulties.
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