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Hi, my name is Lan and I'm an older student in Year 3 at VietSchool. I created a fundraiser to raise money for rent and to buy new equipment to play at break. I love activities such as swimming, running, football, cricket, arts and crafts and learning. I'd like to challenge you to do these things more often if you don't. Then you can challenge your friends and family.
As well as that we also need donations for school trips doing different outdoor activities like going to the beach or doing residential trips. When doing this I hope to raise £5000 and hopefully raise more within 1 year. With your support we can become a better school and it would be a more exciting place for the students and this will also encourage current students or students who would like to come to learn the Vietnamese language.
When you donate and co-operate with the fundraiser it'll help us alot and bring more Vietnamese children into the wider community.
Also a very special mention to those who donate. Thank you all very much for every bit of your support with the VietSchool! :) :) :)
Thanks for you support, Lan. :)