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Throughout lockdown mental ill health has fast become a pandemic within a pandemic, suicide rates have rocketed, males being the highest rate, female rates have increased as have child/adolescent. Mental ill health has always been prevalent within society and sadly the effects of lockdown have debilitated a nation. On the 10th of July a group of 13 are climbing the Lancashire 3 peaks, over a 12 hour period, we are each passionate about the cause and that is raising awareness for each individual that suffers mental ill health, for each individual that battles suicide ideation and to remember those that lost their fight with mental illness. Illness is the key word, the stigma that surrounds mental health, suicide awareness and the act itself are a construct that needs to be torn down, stigma shames and creates fear, there need not be fear as mental ill health is an illness. Within our group we have each been impacted by suicide on a personal level, two of this group have lost close relatives and raising awareness is a top priority. Our chosen charity Getfit4mentalwellness is a charity and their focus is to eradicate stigma, support those who face mental ill health, enable them to develop healthier coping mechanisms and understand their own emotions. Mental illness can be treated and also I can be cured, holistic approaches are at the forefront and a charity of this nature needs funding to function. Suicide is an act of brutality, the emotions you feel, the feeling of desolation, the sadness, the thinking process, we believe that suicide is not the want to die, suicide is the want for the emotional pain to end and raising awareness is key to supporting those that feel this way. The domino affect created when an individual ends their own life is everlasting and it is our hope to reach those that battle these emotions, help them to see and understand that everything in life is temporary and the world is a far more beautiful place whilst they are alive. End stigma ❤️  

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Sharon Rawcliffe
13 Jul, 2021

Go for it Holly👍

Stephanie Ramshead
11 Jul, 2021

Good luck ❤ I looked after Marshall at kinderbear nursery I was his keyworker , he was such a character 💙

June Whitehouse
10 Jul, 2021

Well done Emily!

Guy Guthrie      Top Donor     
06 Jul, 2021

I have seen how losing his friend Marshall has completely devastated Adam, the money won’t bring your loved ones back but it may go some way to helping others. Good luck! Guy Guthrie ❤️

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