Appeal focus: a new projector for Sheffield's Showroom Cinema.

"Showroom is committed to breaking down barriers and creating pathways for continuous learning and growth in the ever-evolving landscape of creative industries."

Showroom is Sheffield's independent cinema, playing a pivotal role in the city's film culture, bringing critically acclaimed films from around the world to the region, fostering cultural connections and inspiring fresh perspectives. Housed in an iconic art deco building, Showroom has been showcasing independent film since the 1990s. Despite facing the same adversities as other independent cinemas in recent years, including working to regain audiences post Covid-19 closures, competing with streaming services and multiplexes and rising energy costs, Showroom remains one of the largest independent cinemas outside of London. As part of a registered charity Showroom Cinema relies on grants and donations for over 50% of their revenue.

To learn more about their newly launched Localgiving appeal, our Head of Communications, Luke Upton, caught up with Salli Greaves who is Showroom's Head of Communications and Engagement to learn more.

Luke Upton (LU):  Thanks for the time today, the cinema looks fantastic, can you tell us some more about the community you serve?

Salli Greaves (SG): No worries, Luke. Showroom ( @showroomcinema prides itself on bringing the magic of cinema to everybody. Beyond our diverse programming schedule, we are home to national film festivals such as DocFest, Celluloid Screams and the Children's Media Conference.  As a registered charity, we champion marginalised voices and independent films as well as supporting filmmakers at all levels of professional development. We are proud to be one of the seven BFI Film academies creating pathways to work for aspiring filmmakers. We are a multipurpose venue and a safe space for protected groups, presenting bespoke screenings for audiences with autism and dementia. 

LU: Brilliant, so the appeal is a big focus now, it’s for a new projector - what’s driving this and what will it deliver?  

SG: To keep our screens on it is vitally important that we replace our projectors when they reach the end of their life. Not to mention old projectors eat up a lot of energy, by changing ours to a new laser projector we'll reduce our carbon emissions by over 1.1 tonnes of CO₂ per year! The target is £20k, we’ve not long started so are delighted to be over a quarter of the way there already.

LU: Fantastic, what other cool developments do you have planned for 2024?

SG:  Lots! Showroom aims to provide access to further online learning, enhancing the skill set of individuals interested in pursuing careers in the film industry. Showroom is committed to breaking down barriers and creating pathways for continuous learning and growth in the ever-evolving landscape of creative industries. In 2024 Showroom will launch the Sheffield Heritage Film Festival, the city's first-ever dedicated film festival celebrating regional talent. We are also expanding our accessible screenings such as Baby Time (for guardians with a baby under 1), Family Time, Early Doors and relaxed screenings. 

LU: Keeping you busy then. We always ask this question - funding aside, what would most support your charity’s growth?

SG: Come and check out our cinema! We have a unique range of mainstream and art house cinema and loads of events happening all the time. We have a vibrant cafe and bar with a delicious range of food and drinks available. Perhaps you could come along to our popular film quiz? All details are on our website and social media. 

LU: And finally, how important has the support from Localgiving been?

SG: We are overwhelmed with the response from our Localgiving appeal. Its heartwarming to know that our community is invested in saving arts and culture in the region, even in these very difficult times. We thank you for every donation no matter how small and really appreciate the platform that Localgiving offers organisations like ours.

-----> Find out more about the cinema, campaign and donate here. If you’d like to speak to Salli to learn more about their work, or if you are a company and would like to support them as part of your corporate responsibility strategy please email for a chat.