Crowdfunding through appeal pages


Localgiving appeal pages provide a way to raise money for a specific programme, crowdfund for new projects or raise emergency funding in response to a crisis. 

Unlike some crowdfunding platforms, through Localgiving all donations made to an appeal are kept by the charity - even if the target isn't reached. This is to make sure that no fundraising effort goes in vain, and that charities are able to benefit from donations soon after they are given, rather than having to wait for the target to be reached. What's more, Localgiving is the only crowdfunding platform where charities & community groups benefit from automated Gift Aid - even if they are not registered with the Charity Commission or HMRC. 

To set up an appeal, login to your Localgiving charity account and go to the "My pages" tab. Appeals can last for up to 90 days and funds raised offline can be displayed to count towards your target



We answer your questions about appeal pages and crowdfunding through Localgiving.

Localgiving appeal pages can be used to run crowdfunding campaigns, however, unlike some crowdfunding sites, all donations raised are kept by the charity. Like crowdfunding campaigns, appeals have a set amount of time to reach a target and are supported by a number of backers. Appeal pages are a quick, easy and no-risk way to raise funds for your cause.

Simply login to your Localgiving charity account, go to the "My pages" tab and click the green "Create an appeal page" button on the right hand side of the page.

Any local charity or community group with an active Localgiving membership can set up an appeal page.

Appeal pages provide a way to ask your supporters for help with funding a specific project or programme. Alternatively, then can be used to raise emergency funding in response to an unexpected event. The time limited nature of appeals make them a great way to add urgency to your fundraising and encourage people in your community to come together and support your organisation.

You can choose how long you'd like your appeal to run for when you set it up. The maximum length for an appeal is 90 days.

Yes. If you need to extend your appeal because it's going slowly (or because you've built up some good fundraising momentum!) then simply go the "My pages" tab in your charity account and click edit on your active appeal to select a new end date.

With Localgiving appeals you keep all the money you raise, even if you don't reach your target. This means fundraising through a Localgiving appeal provides a risk free way of crowdfunding your next project.

Appeal donations will often be matched during our match fund campaigns. Donations made via an appeal during Grow Your Tenner or our Small Charity Week match fund, for example, will be matched. For details of other campaigns, please check the campaign page.

All donations made to your group will appear within the "My donations" section of your account dashboard. Donations made to your appeal are identified by a small heart symbol. For further information, check the tracking column in your donation reports. This will display the URL from which the donation was made, helping you to identify if it came through your main Localgiving page, an appeal, a project, or a fundraiser.