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Stripes4Stripey is back! On Thursday 20th June 2024, we're asking our supporters to wear something Stripey and make a donation to support the work we do all year round.

The local families who need our help are struggling more than ever, with new families being referred to us all the time. Times are extremely tough and this annual event helps us to raise vital funds. It's fun but most of all, it's needed.

The idea behind Stripes4Stripey is simple:

1. Wear something stripey on 20th June.
2. Make a donation to enable us to continue supporting local families. 
3. Have fun!

We love seeing your Stripey photos so don't forget to tag us on social media @StripeyStork, use the hashtag #Stripes4Stripey2024 and encourage friends, family and colleagues to join in.

Thank you for your support.        


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What your gift could provide


1 weeks' worth of pants or socks


A pair of snuggly new PJs


1 weeks' worth of pants, socks and a pair of snuggly new PJs to complete one of our clothing packs

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