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This Christmas Ant Kids will be inviting disadvantaged children from all over Sheffield to a magical Christmas Grotto! The children will meet Father Christmas and receive a framed photograph with him, have a cup of cocoa with the elves in Santa's Sleigh, be given a special Christmas gift and will be able to explore the magical grotto - all paid for by Ant Kids charity. Ensuring every child has a wonderful Christmas time has always been a goal of ours and we're pleased to continue this year!

How the funding will be spent

We need to raise £6000 to buy gifts for each child who visits Father Christmas, pay for the decorations to make a magical North Pole Grotto, buy equipment for each child to take away a photograph there and then, give each child a cup of hot cocoa with the elves.... And of course everything else involved from Christmas trees to costumes!

How this will benefit the community

Children in poverty, suffering from illness or generally having a difficult time might find it hard to have a magical Christmas along with their friends. Often the Christmas period is the hardest for their parents or carers; with a visit to our grotto, the children will be able to spend time doing what children should do at Christmas, without feeling different or left out - all the while, there is no financial strain on the parents and our teams are on site to provide care for the children.


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Will pay for one Christmas gift!


Will buy three Christmas gifts and three framed photographs with Santa!


Would cover one child's complete Christmas Grotto experience!

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