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TCV Hollybush Leeds works with over 500 disadvantaged people to help them rebuild their lives, offering a safe haven where people can learn to be well again. Our dream is to build The Roundhouse. Providing a warm, welcoming and therapeutic space for volunteers and groups who currently sit outside or in an unheated barn. We urgently need your help to reach our target. If you can, please make a donation no matter how big or small all donations are gratefully received and will be carefully spent.

How the funding will be spent

To date we've successfully raised £46,166 from; Big Lottery Fund, Charitable Trusts, public donations and sponsored events. The planning permission for the building structure has been secured with a build cost of £31,117. The furniture, fittings, equipment, and professional services will bring the total appeal target to £55,000. We are working hard to close the final funding gap of £7,140 to commence work on the foundations and where possible we'll be rolling up our sleeves getting involved

How this will benefit the community

The Roundhouse will provide a vital community meeting point for volunteer groups that work on the TCV Hollybush site and those that travel to green spaces across West Yorkshire. In cold or bad weather taking breaks outside is discouraging and limits useful conversations and support. The room will be at the heart of TCV Hollybush. Providing a meeting point and offering therapeutic and peer support sessions creating better service and outcomes for any of our volunteers for the long term.


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What your gift could provide


Roof Tile - a recycled rubber roof tile with a dedication


Exclusive - Invitation to our opening event


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