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Ministry of Empowerment (MOE)
Ministry of Empowerment has acquired a minibus to assist those within our community, who are often shut-in and are unable to use public transport for a wide variety of reasons.

We want to offer:
* An improved sense of wellbeing
* Support with their shopping
* A greater sense of belonging
* Opportunities to socialise
* Trips and excursions
   and much more.........

We believe that by offering this help to those who are restricted because of their socio-economic standing, we would improve their sense of well-being and serve to reassure them that they are valued members of their community.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to us.


Ministry of Empowerment

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What your gift could provide


improving the lives of those in need


freedom to explore new activities further away.


regular safety checks and maintenance

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