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 “It takes a community to raise a child”
From growing up in the local community, I am passionate about improving the lives of children. Local children face deprivation and inequalities, through 4 Community Trust we will support them and their parents to improve their life chances. I was given that chance and now wish to give opportunity to those children that come to us.  4 Community Trust (4CT) established in August 2018 acquired the provision of childcare and inclusion services from Complete Kidz CIC, a Community Interest Company that had been established for 10 years in Sandwell delivering services to schools and children.   
Our Mission: To provide a fully inclusive service to our local community that meets the needs of children, parents and their families through employees who are local and provide exceptional customer service. This is achieved by providing a safe, inclusive environment where learning can be nurtured, and cost is not a barrier.  Our Vision: “It takes a community to raise a child” We see a community where all our children can be provided with a safe inclusive space. All the children in the community can learn play and socialise together. A community that helps look after each other whilst their parents can work whilst safe in the knowledge that their children are looked after.
1.Community – We work with and for the local community and understand their needs.
2.Affordability – We ensure our services are  affordable to low income working families
3.Inclusive – We include everyone and provide services for children and young people with special needs 4.Family – We want you to feel as though you are part of our wider family
5.Care – We care for your children as though they are our own  4 Community Trust delivers 4 core activities childcare, inclusion activities, training/education and health activities.     

What your gift could provide


a hot meal for a child


a day at Holiday Camp


Full Day support for a child with Special Needs

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