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The Black Heroes Foundation is a community based charity for the development and promotion of talent, together with cultural and artistic initiatives in the community focusing on youth, education, training, social up-lifting and personal development programmes.

Why the community needs us

The Black Heroes Foundation stimulates, motivates and inspires our community. We promote pride through cultural awareness, education and entertainment. Our aim is to eradicate ignorance of Black Heritage and to encourage better understanding and further enhance our multi-cultural society.

Our impact on the community

This charitable foundation has been incorporated in honour of, and to support the legacy of Peter Randolph Fraser AKA "Flip Fraser", the first editor of The Voice Newspaper, and creator of the critically acclaimed show "Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame".

What your gift could provide


Pay for one child to attend and participate in an event


Pay for two youth or elders to participate in an event


Pay for food to be provided at an event

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