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“BRINGING THE FOOTBALL FAMILY TOGETHER TO HELP ANYONE AFFECTED BY DEMENTIA”Dementia can be very cruel.Not only does it affect the person with the disease, but it can have major emotional, financial and time consuming consequences on family members and other loved ones who also have to live with and adapt to Dementia.Our aim is to offer practical help, support and guidance to all.

Football Against Dementia is a project aimed at helping all people who are affected by dementia. The people behind the project have experienced the disease first-hand, and they want to help others on their dementia journey by offering practical support when needed, and by highlighting the things they wish they’d known about before and during their own challenges.

This will be accomplished by bringing like-minded people together to support others, and by providing a directory of support services for people living with dementia. In football, studies have shown the risk of dementia is 4-5 times higher amongst players than in the general public, despite the technological advances in the game. Therefore, a large part of our mission is to collaboratively implement change within current football training methods – drastically reducing the need to head the ball.Raising awareness of the disease is also paramount – and not just amongst older people. We feel that the younger that people understand dementia – and the early warning signs of the disease – the better. For that reason, we’ll be giving talks on dementia to schoolchildren so they can learn about the disease and recognise that there’s a chance their parents and/or grandparents may be affected. We can point out the potential early changes in behaviour that may occur, so they’ll spot them if it happens.

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