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Since September 2011 we have provided free food to anyone in food poverty in Salford from our base on Langworthy Road. We provide basic food stuff and as much fresh food as we are able to obtain from other food providers, such as Fareshare and Tesco Food Cloud.

We have an allotment which is used to provide fresh food for the food bank. It is also used to help people with their physical and mental health.

We seek to help where ever we can and will always give at last one food parcel and then continue depending on the circumstances presented. To continue to do this we need sponsors who will help by giving a one off or regular donations to the project.     

What your gift could provide


a food parcel for 1 person/a bag of hay and a bag of chicken feed


a food parcel for a family/feed the chickens for 2 months


5 food parcels for 5 people or for 2 families

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