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WRDA exists to support women's groups and organisations across Northern Ireland to create a fair and equal society. As a regional organisation, we work with women to achieve social, economic, political and cultural transformation. Our belief that all women have the right to dignity, equality and respect is at the heart of our work.We operate from a feminist perspective,informed by women's experiences.Our membership includes a wide range of local and international women's groups and organisations

Why the community needs us

WRDA recognises and values the multiple roles of women in society and promotes respect for diversity. We engage across all traditions with women based in the most disadvantaged urban and rural areas of NI. We provide an information hub for the women's sector with the view to raising the profile of women's issues. We provide training and support to women's groups and organisations as well as campaigning and lobbying on the key issues that affect women detrimentally in their pursuit of equality

Our impact on the community

Over the past 5 years we have trained 112 OCR qualified Community Facilitators who have given 1,008 volunteer hours to the Community and Voluntary sector. 40% of those trained have moved into employment as a result of the programme and we have delivered over 550 Health Awareness workshops to groups and organisations across Northern Ireland. We have over 180 members on Womenslink;an on-line forum for those interested in women's issues and events.

What your gift could provide


Pays for photocopying for one Community Facilitator Workshop


Pays for one Access NI disclosure certificate for new trainee facilitator


Pays for one WRDA members event for approximately 30 women

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