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The Wasteless Market has a mission to help people reduce waste, particularly plastic waste. We do this through our eco friendly markets, sales of refills and plastic free products, and recycling drop off events. 

In 2021 we responded to customers’ demands for a recycling channel for medicine blisterpacks  by buying a box from Reworked, (now Refactory) a Yorkshire company with the specialist equipment needed to separate and recycle these difficult materials. Since then our customers have filled more than 6, 110 litre boxes!
The box price has increased to £108 which includes shipping. As a not for profit organisation, we would like to invite our supporters to chip in towards the cost of continuing this recycling stream. Any excess funds will be put towards community waste reduction projects.         

What your gift could provide


Recycle a small carrier bag weighing 400g


Recycle a supermarket bag for life weighing 800g


Recycle a bin bag full weighing around 4 kg

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