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Selby people highlighted a passionate interest in saving the Abbot's Staith's from it's 'At Risk' status and further decay, as well as the necessary energy, skills, contacts, and commitment to deliver the project over a sustained period. We are raising community awareness of the Staith's historical and cultural importance, as well as highlighting its potential as a resource to be enjoyed by people and ensuring that the project could be a self-sustaining and viable one.

Why the community needs us
Our project involves the acquisition and revitalisation the Abbot's Staith, a valuable heritage site, to provide an exceptional multi use community space, a central educational resource, museum, Arts and crafts, performing arts, cinema, commercial areas and archive that will contribute towards the town's economic growth, and the wellbeing of its people run in regular consultation with local communities; local people can help develop and share in the collective vision for the Abbot's Staith.

Our impact on the community

What your gift could provide


To buy a roll of 150 x 10 meters of the flashing to seal cracks in the concrete roof


To buy three rolls of 150 x 10 meters of the flashing tape (we need 20).


To buy a 25 lt tin of Cromapo roof sealant (we need 20).

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