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Through the provision of the Abergavenny Community Centre people are getting together in a casual environment to socialise & connect – keeping more of us active and involved for longer.

In addition to offering affordable spaces for people and organisations to use we also host communal events like The Big Lunch in June and apple pressing days with the community orchard group in Autumn.  The Centre offers children's holiday activities and we host Cooking for Life sessions aimed at getting back to cooking from scratch.  As well as various 'Supper Clubs' we have ongoing activities like Wednesday Lunch, Thursday Chair Yoga & Movement, Community Kids for families with babies & toddlers, Friday Coffee Morning and a Midday Lunch, a monthly Sunday Afternoon Tea, the Dementia Friendship Support group, and 'Singing For Fun' after lunch on Wednesdays.  All these are affordable or free activities that are open to everyone - so, please bring a friend; come solo and meet new people; or come with people who you trust.  There's no need to be shy or worried that we want something from you: a simple warm welcome awaits.
The pandemic lockdown period over 2020/21 provided an opportunity for us to stop, listen and respond to other pressing matters. There are many priorities but as problems and solutions are co-joined we know that a long term, slow-burn approach is the only way to begin to put any light on complex societal problems.

Residents have got behind the mission to create a space that combats lonliness and isolation, and over eight years we have sustained those efforts together.

As parents and grandparents ourselves we have insight into balancing family and work life, and as so many of us live away from extended family and support networks the Trust places great value on the role that the wider community plays in supporting and enriching family life.    Guiding these simple actions is the proverb - ' it takes a whole village to raise a child ' ; a call to bring generations, knowledge, skills, and needs together quietly to learn from each other and nurture community ties.
A place of safety
The Abergavenny Community Centre is a place to be.  It's a 'third place' ~ ie. not home and not work.
s a small organisation that's home-grown and rooted in place we understand that it's vital to make our donations work hard for the people living in and around Abergavenny. Your gifts are our promise.  

The People
From its inception in 2006, the Abergavenny Community Centre plan has been led by residents for the benefit of fellow residents. The Centre, staffed by four part-time employees is open most days and evenings and the charity governance is performed by capable Officers and Trustees. With help from Funders we are repurposing a building for long term communal gain, in a shared effort to bring pressing matters and actions together, in practical ways that enrich lives and tackle complex social and environmental problems.

For donations in excess of £190.00 will you please speak to the charity manager, Marion Pearse, on 07751666481 or send an email to  Thank you for reading this.

In 2023 the Trust was awarded two years funding from The Garfield Weston Foundation. This investment has secured an 'Activities Coordinator' post.

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will help provide produce for family cooking sessions


will help the continuance of the weekly coffee morning, lunches and Sunday tea


will bring generations and cultures together around food, skills, art & crafts and nature.

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