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We want "The Stute" to provide a centre for all ages and backgrounds in the community. A place to come together for activities and social events that will cater for the whole community. We will hopefully host shows, youth activities, sports, social gatherings etc. We want The Stute to become a welcoming meeting place for the many interest groups, clubs and societies and we welcome any suggestions for use and applications to host events or activities.  we believe in succession planning and forward thinking, we want our Stute to be around for generations to come.

Why the community needs us
We want to save this building for the community but it is in serious need of some TLC and fundraising will be essential to its survival.  After years of hard work, we have raised enough money to fix the roof and the building is now watertight for the first time in many years.  There is however, still a lot to do.  We are 7 volunteer Trustees who have committed to taking on this challenge and we are going to need all the help we can get from local people.

This building is sorely needed.  Especially now that we are recovering from a global pandemic.  There are huge increases in the number of people suffering from loneliness, grief and mental health issues. Covid recovery will take years and we firmly believe that having such huge resource in the heart of our community, will be of great help to many people.  

What your gift could provide


This would help towards new windows


This would help towards furnishing rooms to be booked my community groups


This would help towards CCTV cameras and IT systems

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