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ADHD Solutions works with children, young people and adults, diagnosed or suspected of having ADHD their families and any professional that works with them. We provide a range of support including support groups, 1-1 coaching and support for parents and people with ADHD, parenting programs and workshops, workshops/groups for young people, holiday activities and term time youth club for young people. Training for professional colleagues.

Why the community needs us

ADHD Solutions CIC is one of the few organisations in the country supporting families and individuals with ADHD. We are uniquely placed, delivering an independent service which delivers all the non-pharmacological interventions that are recommended in the NICE Guidelines for the management of ADHD. We meet the needs of families, working in close collaboration and partnership with both the statutory and voluntary sectors across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Our impact on the community

Parent Comments - I have a better understanding of my child's needs, as well as the tools to support with everyday life" "I have a better recognition and better understanding of own issues and those of my family" "Kept my family together at a very difficult time. We would not be together if it wasn't for your services helping us" "I don't feel so alone anymore!! Their service and advice is precious!" "I'm so grateful, their work is so important to the community of families living with ADHD.

What your gift could provide


would pay for 1 weeks supper at the youth club


would pay for a child to attend an activity day


would pay to heat the building for 1 month

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