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What the people we help say:

"Good morning ADC thank you for all your help and support. I have passed my exams with 85%. I start work this coming Monday and the Training Team did everything you suggested".
"For the first time in a long time I have felt heard and accepted""

"The help that I have been given has been life changing for me"

"Sharing ideas and thoughts has encouraged and strengthened me"

Watch our YouTube video made by Rachel - a young person receiving an assessment report and delighted that she finally knows why she is having problems  Click

Who do we help and how?

Adults with dyslexia, students, employed, unemployed, and anyone with a concern relating to dyslexia - parent, carer, grandparent, employer, GP and any other professional.  Our helpline, webinars, and support groups are free.  We support parents and children by offering full diagnostic assessments and an online course for parents, equipping them with knowledge and strategies to better support their child.

Each year, we support around 500 dyslexic adults across the Thames Valley and beyond.

We provide a high-quality, person focussed, friendly service.  We help vulnerable people for whom undiagnosed dyslexia is usually only one of many barriers to progress; many of our clients also experience mental health issues, drug dependency, and low self-esteem. Our services are free or heavily subsidised to ensure that marginalised people can access the tailored support they need without being burdened financially.

We promote a positive attitude to dyslexia, helping the individual to work with their strengths and thereby succeed.  

Our services - free helpline offering support, advice and guidance.  Free online support group, face to face support group, free monthly webinars, tuition, full diagnostic assessments, dyslexia awareness training, workplace needs assessments, support to employers and employees, online course for parents.


What your gift could provide


supports our helpline - a vital contact point for dyslexic people and anyone with a concern.


pays for 1 lesson from a specialist tutor.


contributes to the cost of an assessment which will identify how best the person can be supported/

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