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Age Concern Todmorden works with people 65+ to help enjoy later life. We provide information, assist with admin, run lunch clubs, seated activity classes and other social and wellbeing activities.  We hold a daily drop in so there is always someone to talk to.

Why the community needs us
We are one of the very few services available every day Monday- Friday so you always have somewhere to turn, and don't need to do everything by phone or travel to Halifax.

We apply for Attendance Allowance benefits on people's behalf. This can be as much as £400 per month extra to help people live at home well, thus also adding thousands of pounds into the local economy every year. 

2024 will be our 50th year, and with your help we hope to provide a service for as long as people need us. 

What your gift could provide


Pays for an information drop-in for the day.


10 people to attend a seated exercise class


Pays for an accessible minibus to take a group of frail people out

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