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ARCh (Assisted Reading for Children) is a registered charity which recruits, trains and supports volunteers from the local community to work with children in a primary school on a 1:1 basis, twice a week for the whole academic year, to impart a love of books and reading and developing a valuable mentoring relationship.

Why the community needs us
Even in a prosperous area like Oxfordshire there are many children who have trouble reading. Some have lost confidence because they have fallen behind. Some are shy and don't communicate well. Some have missed out on the development of vital skills in early childhood. Some have difficulty concentrating. Some don't speak English at home. Some just need a boost to help them catch up. The children are chosen by their teachers as the ones most in need of help.

Our impact on the community
We ask all schools to complete an evaluation of our service. Of the children we work with 99% improve in confidence in reading, 95% in attitude to reading, 93% improve in self confidence and 92% improve in overall achievement. There are also reported improvements in communication with adults and peers, ability to listen and concentrate and in attendance.

What your gift could provide


Pays for a book or game to make reading fun


Pays for a game and 2 books to engage a reluctant reader


Buys a new box of books and games to be used by one of our volunteers

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