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Art Angel is by and for people with mental health issues providing an innovative programme of arts activities in an equal and friendly envrionment. We support people to build confidence and self esteem so they can recognise their own potential and make postive choices towards a hopeful future. Recovery takes time, we work with people at their own pace in their own time encouraging and supporting them to take control of their lives again and enjoy the therapeutic and positive nature of art.

Why the community needs us

People who recover their health through attending our project can transform themselves into a community resource, offering the benefits of their hard won experience. They are no longer seen as a burden to society rather uniquely placed to offer insight into the benefits of creativity for people in all walks of life.

Our impact on the community

People at Art Angel have identified positive changes in their well being and recovery through enhanced confidence and self-esteem; developing a voice through creativity, building new skills, feeling less isolated, listened to and supported. This furnishes them with many ways to put forward their views, ideas and opinions which directly influence the shape of the project and it's future. Many have said the project has saved their lives and given them hope.

What your gift could provide


for one person to attend art angel per week


to enable two people to attend art angel per week and provide materials


will pay for two 2 hour workshops

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