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Our aim is to help people living with arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions in Leicestershire to lead a fuller life. We do this by helping them to better manage their condition through well-being workshops and activities like hydrotherapy, adapted yoga and seated exercise sessions. We are here to support people of all ages and help them find a way to improve their self-management to lead a fuller life.

Why the community needs us
Arthritis Support Leicestershire offers a range of sessions and activities that reduce the pressure on local NHS services by increasing people's self management skills and improving their general health. We also reduce isolation with our social activities and reduce the vulnerability of older people by providing IT support.

Our impact on the community
Arthritis Support Leicestershire provides health and wellbeing services including hydrotherapy sessions at Leicester General Hospital. We hold seated exercise classes and adapted yoga sessions to improve range of movement and reduce pain. Physical activity also increases independence, self-confidence and quality of life. Our social activities programme helps reduce isolation and allows people to discuss their conditions freely with no judgment.

What your gift could provide


the cost of a drop-in session to raise awareness of arthritis


an inclusive activity for a child living with arthritis


tutor fees for yoga and seated exercise for one week

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