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Awake to Know Africa run workshops for children and young people. The workshops are designed to provide a positive view of Africa and its cultures through story telling, drumming, song, dance, costume etc. These activities promotes cross cultural harmony and understanding that benefits the wider community. Awake to Know Africa offers workshops in schools, after-school clubs, children's centres and community centres. The work of the group leader has been recognised more widely.

Why the community needs us

Promote cultural diversity and community development. Boost self esteem of trainees by offering them opportunities to develop and use the skills acquired for their own benefit and for the good of the community. To preoccupy target groups, especially children and young people who may otherwise through peer pressure or poverty get involved in crime, vandalism and other socially beneficial activities. To support and participate in community activities and programmes.

Our impact on the community

Awake To Know Africa attended Hate Crime Conference organised by Racial and Equality (REC). We have had very positive feedback from participant and the schools, children centres, within Parishes and other locations where workshops have been taken place in the past. We participated in Black History Month 2010. Awake to know Africa was invited by the Mayor of Milton Keynes to perform at his Annual Civic Services which took place at Newport Pagnell.

What your gift could provide


An hour pay for a play worker.


Pays for a volunteer expenses.


stationery for 10 children

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