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Beanfield Artists provide community art projects by creating opportunities for members of the community, young people and their families to engage in art workshops linked around inspiring spaces. Their work to enables participants to develop skills and confidence, enhance wellbeing and provide the opportunity for members of the community in Northamptonshire and further afield to bond, share and forge links via art, creative activities, shared group activities and events.

Why the community needs us

The artists devise, fundraise, manage and deliver projects themselves. Miles & Dacombe began collaborating under the banner of Beanfield Artists, a voluntary, not for profit arts organization in 2006. In 2011 they created a series of Wellbeing Walks Maps with young people recovering from mental distress in Corby and in 2012 began their project Light Walks For Dark Days with the same group. They work professionally as artists and have extensive experience in socially engaged artistic practice.

Our impact on the community

Through their art works & interventions they have enhanced the environment, touched lives, created new connections, made space for people to walk, talk & share. Their projects have been supported by: ACE, Awards For All, Northamptonshire Community Foundation, St Peter & St Andrew's Church Committee and Corby Borough Council, the Co-Op, East Midlands Rail, Derbyshire County Council. Work generated during their projects now has a large following via their Blog which reaches a world wide audience.

What your gift could provide


A pack of printer paper / basic art materials


Project travel expenses for one day for one artist


One artist day developing or delivering community engagement project

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