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Bramley Community Radio is an Internet based Radio Station that provides a service to the Community. We are actually worldwide but are focused on Bramley and surrounding areas. We have decided that we will broadcast music in general and each show will be themed ie, pop,country,rock, etc. We are going to incorporate Children's Music and Stories including Nursery Rhymes. We are aiming to start the day with a Breakfast Show followed by other shows throughout the day.

Why the community needs us

Bramley Community Radio will benefit the Community by providing a portal for sharing information within the community and raising awareness of social and economic issues. We hope to promote different cultures therefore breaking down racial barriers and we will provide inclusion of all disabilities, religions and genders. The community will benfit from been able to listen to music which enhances happiness and helps people's mental health.

Our impact on the community

Bramley Community Radio will provide a learning enviroment for young people to learn and gain experience from running a Radio Programme. The outcomes will provide enjoyment for many within the community.

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0113 255 4764

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