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We collect surplus food from FareShare and other local sources, supplement it with extra store cupboard food and fruit & veg, and distribute it via weekly shops around the city. At the end of the week, surplus is distributed via a Friday pop-up shop. Members pay a small donation each time they visit and in return take home an excellent value shop for a fraction of what it would cost in the shops. 

We work on a solidarity basis, encouraging people to pay what they can and take what they need, so we are able to encourage those on lower incomes, or who are less able to pay, to continue to shop with us.

Each store is run by volunteers, drawn mainly from the local membership, supported by our small and dedicated staff team, so there is a strong sense of community at each store.

The cost of the food we buy in, as well as our rents and other costs have risen dramatically in the last year. We are asking for donations to help with the ongoing costs of running the scheme and to allow us to keep our membership fees as low as possible.

Thank you for your support!

What your gift could provide


covers the cost of providing one weekly shop to a member who isn't able to pay.


pays the weekly rental cost for one of our stores.


pays the weekly cost of a store lead in one of our stores.

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