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At Bristol Food Network C.I.C., we believe in the collective strength of people working together to drive positive change. Your support can empower our mission to transform Bristol into a sustainable food city, and here's how:

Your impact
By joining hands with us, you contribute to a city-wide movement that fosters sustainability and resilience in our food system. From individuals to businesses, we connect and support everyone through the common goal of creating a lasting impact on Bristol's food landscape, identifying changes that can be made to the food system and making these happen.

In 2023, we ran the Get Growing Trail with 29 community growing sites across the city. We now have plans for an even bigger trail for 2024. As part of Bristol Good Food 2030, we have brought together more than 100 organisations working towards a common goal of a more sustainable Bristol.

How you can help
Your involvement matters. Led by Bristol Food Network, partners within the city have crafted the Bristol Good Food Plan 2030, a blueprint for a healthier, more sustainable future. Your support enables us to bring diverse organisations and passionate individuals together, to deliver the Plan's vision through multiple projects, from increasing food production in the city to tackling food waste and making healthy food available to everyone.

Adapting to change
In the face of the pandemic, we adapted our plans and became a valuable information hub. Now, we continue to share vital insights, stories, and knowledge to empower individuals, businesses, and community organisations to eat, choose and grow food more sustainably.

Be the change
Your donation fuels strategic initiatives that ensure Bristol's vision for a sustainable and resilient food system stays at the forefront of everyone's agenda. Join us in creating a lasting impact and be a crucial part of the Good Food Movement in Bristol.

Ready to make a difference? Your support is key to building a better, more sustainable future for Bristol. Visit the Bristol Good Food 2030 website at to learn more and be a driving force behind Bristol's Good Food Movement. Together, we can make a difference.

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