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Brynamman Public Hall & Cinema blends 1920s comfort, style and presentation, with modern technology, great family value and a full program of first release films. The Hall is the heart of the community and has served generations of locals for almost 100 years.

Why We Need Your Help
Brynamman Public Hall & Institute is a charity run by volunteers. The day to day operation of the cinema has always been sustained by maintaining fair prices, offering a range of high quality entertainment and never loosing sight of what made cinema magical. The Hall has also been fortunate over the years to receive various donations and grant funding to contribute to larger projects, renovation work and the maintenance of the building. 

To be able to sustain the operations of Brynamman Public Hall and Brynamman Cinema, and to secure the future of our facility, we are continuing to turn to the community, our loyal customers and friends for help and support. Every penny of the donations raised through this platform will be put directly back into the Public Hall. This will help tremendously with numerous costs, including; general maintenance of the building, service of equipment, repairs, insurance, utilities and licences. These are all vital necessities that keep the Public Hall ticking over in the background.

From all of us at Brynamman Public Hall & Cinema, thank you for your continued support, kind words and encouragement. We will do everything we can to keep Brynamman Public Hall & Cinema thriving! 

We urge anyone who wishes to know more to email us at       

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