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'Nature is good for you, and nature with art is even better. If we do nothing else after the coronavirus crisis, let’s make every child everywhere, an ArtScaper’
Dame Fiona Reynolds, former Director General of the National Trust

Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination is an arts and well-being charity that explores alongside children and their communities to share discoveries of real local spaces in extraordinary, enchanting and intriguing ways. We call this Artscaping,

We work extensively with education, environmental and mental health partners. Programmes are community focused, with children at the centre. We are committed to working in ways that are inclusive, democratic and research-led and concentrate our work on the needs of our most disadvantaged children and young people and their mental health in a region in which, despite its reputation for academic and cultural success, more than 18,500 children currently live in poverty.

Our programmes have supported communities to create active, artistic and sustainable connections with each other and their localities.

‘I have learnt so much about exploring the world around us from the children - they have reminded me of the value of slowing down and taking time to just ‘be’ in the outdoors. Importantly I have seen how making art in nature is precious, both as individuals and as communities, helping us to think together about how to care for each other and the environment.’
Professor Nicola Walshe, University College London Institute of Education, writing about the impact of CCI’s work       

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