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We provide a comprehensive youth service for young people age 13-18 living in Kensington & Fairfield Ward. We design activities for all young people & provide information & advice on young people's issues. Core activities include a youth club drop-in centre, a drop-in club for young ASD people & an issue based project evening. We provide a safe, non threatening environment & work with young people as partners in learning & decision making, working with them to develop their own sets of values.

Why the community needs us

We aim to steer a generation of young people from the inducement of wandering the streets with their peers, and from taking part in the drinking and drugs lifestyle that would inevitably result in perceived anti-social behaviour. We provide a safe and non threatening environment where young people can take part in informal activities of their choice.

Our impact on the community

Young people have been able to have a say in their community and have become increasingly aware that their voices do matter, and that they can influence the services on offer to them. The young people at Central Youth Club have built good relationships with the team and feel able to ask for help where it is needed. We are also creating the right partnerships to deal with young people's issues.

What your gift could provide


An hour of staffing time in the drop-in centre


Project Manager for an evening of issue based project work


An evening with 3 'detached' youth workers on the streets of the community

Our details

0151 263 3856

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