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Centre 63 aims to be the first-choice provider of informal and community education in Kirkby, Knowsley, within a Christian ethos.  Centre 63 was established in 1963 to provide support services for children & young people within Knowsley through the following projects:
Youth Club:  Aimed at young people aged 8-18 and offers recreation, sport, music and drama sessions, and issue based workshops.
Yes Project:  Supports homeless young people to secure long term accommodation, provides resettlement and tenancy support and to improve financial capability. 
Social Supermarket:  You can buy a healthy weekly shop for under £10 (depending on what you want to buy).  If you are struggling to find £10 please come along anyway and we can still support you.  This is a confidential service, and no one will know your individual circumstances other than you and Centre 63 staff.
Why the Community needs us
Centre 63 ensures that every child and young person are valued for their gifts and abilities and encouraged to take a place in society developing their full potential. Our purpose is to enable young people to develop holistically, working with them to facilitate their personal, social and educational development, to have a voice, so they can recognise that they have an important contribution to make in order to make a difference and realise the benefits of this process.   
Our Impact on the Community
Centre 63 is the longest standing Youth Centre within the Knowsley Borough and supports around 5,000 children and young people (YP) each year.
Achievements from 2020
YES Project
supported 1,000 clients with Housing Advice; Property Pool applications, money, and debt advice; emotional support, offering a listening ear.
During the first Lockdown, provided groceries and fresh produce to over 3,500 families Supported clients with grants to equip them with furniture and white goods, to move into new tenancies. We offer a tailored support package, which consists of, managing your tenancy effectively, support with debt/money advice, help to set up utility bills and rent account, and support with UC benefit entitlements. 
Supported 40 clients with employability skills, CV writing, looking for local employment or access to training to become work ready.
Received 34 domestic violence referrals, we secured an average of £2,000 per client as part of their resettlement. The funding was used to purchase new beds, furniture, toys, and IT equipment and WIFI for the new homes.
Accessed grants for clients who engaged in our Debt Advice service. We were successful in securing funding for household goods £14,000 for clients who had recently secured a tenancy. We also obtained white goods that were delivered direct from the supplier.

35 Fridge/Freezers48 Cookers42 Washing Machines Centre 63 were the first to open a Social Supermarket in Knowsley. We set up in July 2020 to enable the community to purchase a week’s shopping for £10 or less.   
Youth Club – is aimed at young People aged 8-19. We moved our activities to online sessions which consisted of one-to-one support to reduce isolation and loneliness, provided a mix of outdoor activities in the summer of 2020. 
Provided a support network to parents/carers and arranged weekly deliveries of food parcels to families struggling financially during lockdown. 
Remake Project - Trained 10 volunteers in basic sewing skills sessions online.  The group made cushions and pyjama bags. Christmas Stockings, Drawstring Fabric Gift Bag or Snowflake Pillows from unwanted materials/textiles. 
Christmas Appeal - 110 Christmas hampers containing, fruit and veg, turkey/trimmings, together with gifts and toys delivered to families to give them a better Christmas.

In November 2020, Centre 63 was awarded ‘Charity of the Year’ at the Echo Awards for setting up our Covid-19 Volunteer Hub and supporting the community through the pandemic.                   

What your gift could provide


towards grocery items for our Social Supermarket


towards meals for our Youth Club Members 3 nights per week


a home starter pack for a homeless young person given accommodation

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