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Cerulean Blue thanks and remembers the hard work and dedication of nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic, not forgetting the nurses, and their families, who died caring for patients.
We extend sincere thanks for the kindness and generosity of Cerulean Blue supporters. Their generosity and the award of a ‘Magic Little Grant’ helped to produce our Cerulean Blue Legacy Film.

The film features the personal story of Sheilla and that of her colleagues. It highlights the unknown, terrifying moments that were experienced along with the camradery and relationships that now go beyond purely work colleagues.…”the pressure on the nurses it was really, really high”…”it was tears after a shift because it was a lot”… "the patient is scared; the nurses were scared”
Help us to remember the hard work and dedication of nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic is not forgotten. Visit YouTube and watch Sheilla’s story (2.17mins) to remember the dedication of nurses during this traumatic time.

Moving forward, Cerulean Blue’s Annual Bake2Donate Campaign will enable us all to demonstrate our gratitude during 23-29 March 2024. If you can support this campaign and enjoy baking cakes, this is your opportunity to say a big thank you and donate it to you local Hospital or Care Home. Follow the countdown on Cerulean Blue website.

To support this Campaign, visit Cerulean Blue Appeal page to help us to launch a marketing fundraising campaign to ensure to longevity of our memorial ambitions.
We must not forget our nurses dedication and tireless work during the traumatic time we all lived through, ensuring future generations know how grateful we are.    

What your gift could provide


Will support the distribution of Bake2Donate Gratitude Certificates


Will support the purchase of 10 Hospital sticker Logo sheets (35 per sheet)


Will support the purchase of 50 Bake2Donate promotion leaflets

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